Getting current user's 'last login time'

Is there a way to find current user's last login time

(for example to show a message ('have not seen you for a long time') if this is xx days from


From PlonePAS...

        res = False
        if not self.isAnonymousUser():
            member = self.getAuthenticatedMember()
            default = DateTime("2000/01/01")
            login_time = member.getProperty("login_time", default)
            if login_time == default:
                res = True
                login_time = DateTime()
            member.setProperties(login_time=self.ZopeTime(), last_login_time=login_time)
        return res
.getProperty('last_login_time')  and ('login_time') seems to be almost the same (a few milliseconds difference) for current user (when checked from a view)

So probably I need to add a new property to memberdata(.xml) and update this from the view (?)

look at /portal_memberdata/manage_propertiesForm, there are the available properties.