getIcon gone from Plone 5.1 without deprecation warning notice in Plone 5.0

I have a test failing now in build for Plone 5.1 of collective.cover because getIcon function was removed from somewhere:

the specific error is this one:

AttributeError: 'Plone' object has no attribute 'getIcon'

@fgrcon I found no documentation on this change on your PLIP:

I know implementation of that PLIP has very hard, but we have to add always deprecation warnings in previous Plone versions to make life easier for everyone.

can you point me to the right place to do so?

As far as I know, collective.cover never worked with 5.x anyway. Geticon was unused in 5.x anyway. Content type icons are fontello fonts now. The metadata attribute geticon (now boolean) is true whenever the item is an image or has an image property (e.g lead image). I think there were some deprecation warnings from 5.02. - but the whole icon story was a huge mess: fontello fonts and icons or nothing etc.

Right now I am working on up-to-date documentation (on branch: plip1734thumbs ) and fixing the last 1 failing test. The PLIP is not in core yet so It should not be causing any problems yet.

For the moment please see the conversations at (11/2015 the first step of my try to clean up ...) including

and (second step adding more control on icon and preview image (thumbs) handling - the current PLIP which is almost finished.

Hope that helps and thanks for your patience.

just to be clear, the problem is not if one package was compatible or not with certain version of Plone; the problem is the process.

anyway I just found that I was wrong and there was a clear deprecation warning on this:

but I have no idea why is not being shown while running test on Plone 5.0 based builds.

thanks for your help! I found the information I needed to fix this issue.

I do not agree - please forget about getIcon().. this is a relict of Plone 3!!

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thanks you; I think the documentation on Plone 4 is incomplete, I'll try to review it later.

IMO, the explanation on the Plone 5 situation makes evident a lot of design mistakes that we will need to address also in the future... in fact I think there's already some work on that.