Get current value of AjaxSelectFieldWidget

I am using Plone 6 with ClassicUI.

I have a custom add form where I want to get the current value of an AjaxSelectFieldWidget. How do I get the current values of the field using Javascript/ JQuery?

Also, how do I reset the field so that the current values are removed. I have tried using:


The current values are removed from the form. However, after saving the form, the previously selected values are saved.

Thanks in advance.


just tested this quickly on with "tags" field in the browser console like this:

const tags_select = document.querySelector("[name='form.widgets.IDublinCore.subjects']");
// get current value
let current_value = tags_select.value;
// set new value:
tags_select.value = "one;two;three";
// re-initalize instantinated select2 pattern

NOTE: due to the fact, that the currently used select2 version (<4) cannot handle <select multiple> tags, the select2 pattern transforms this field to an <input type="text" /> with ";" separated values.

NOTE2: every patternslib pattern (which is the base for mockup patterns) saves the instantinated pattern code to the DOM with ["pattern-<name>"] or if you use jQuery then $(node).data("pattern-<name>")

Thank you for your answer. I was able to write working code this morning. I used the following snippet:

	// reset and hide other fields
	filtered_fields.forEach(function(field) {
	    var field_id = "#formfield-form-widgets-" + field;
	    var field_name = "form.widgets." + field;
	    // if product field
	    if (product_fields.includes(item_category)) {
	        $(field_id + " .select2-search-choice").remove();
		$('[name="' + field_name + '"]').val('');
            } else {
		$('[name="' + field_name +'"]').val('');

Good tip on using init() to reset the field.