Get a registry record in Volto


In Volto I have a custom controlpanel that saves some values on plone registry. Now in a view I want to retrieve some of these values. Is there a way to do it out of the box? Or do I need to write an action / reducer for it? I tried to see how in other places the registries are retrieved, like in logo or controlpanel itself but seems they have their own endpoints @site and @controlpanels


There is a @registry endpoint in the REST API but it is protected and only available for Managers.

In some projects we have overwritten the @registry endpoint to allow exposing some settings for anonymous users. You can do that' or either write a new endpoint.

For instance this endpoint allows getting all registry values if they key starts with clms.


Thanks! Eskerrik asko Mikel! This example, together with the addon GitHub - eea/volto-clms-theme is a great example as I need to do exactly the same

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