German translation of the Plone 5.0 manual

Is there a translation of the Plone 5.0 manual into German?


Any why?

It's a huge effort to translate a living documentation, keeping it in sync, keeping it up-to-date?

This is a problem for all open-source projects or not.

Like it or not: if you do programming then you should able to read English.

Most translated documentation or book are already outdated at the point when they are published.


Thank you for your answer.

However, there is no need to be grumpy. I am not criticizing anyone for the lack of a German translation of the Plone 5.0 manual, and I completely understand your arguments. Personally, I have no problem reading an English documentation, as my English is pretty good. However, I am teaching Plone to German teenagers, whose English might not be perfect. So a German translation would have been useful, although the English documentation will probably work as well. Please also note that the Plone manual is not only for programmers, but also for ordinary Plone users. I agree that programmers should be expected to know English, but not necessarily content editors.

Andreas always SOUNDS grumpy online, when he isn't always :slight_smile:

It's true, it would be fantastic to have translations of our documentation at certain points in time. Perhaps that is something the German Plone companies and universities could collaborate on if they saw a possibility of return on investment.

I am not grumpy, just straight and brought to the point :slight_smile:

But there is relief

Not a translation but a third-party contribution.

But as said: translations can not be managed by a (shrinking) community.

Even projects like

died at some point for some reason.

Having worked with Drupal and Joomla a bit lately: they have the same problem with translations.

Only large companies with enough financial and human resources are able to manage their translations properly.

Besides the huge effort of translating a documentation, there is this huge problem of translation and update management which is very hard to approach with the current tool chain used for open-source documentation. Then we are in the field of technical documentation, translation management...a pretty complex topic.


Forget it.


Some universities are trying to figure our an exit-strategy.

The universities moving to Plone 5 are using heavily customized user interfaces, functionalities and workflows...nothing that would fit other installations.

Only Uni Bonn with their documentation approach

came close here...but this is only Plone 3. However they are moving to Plone 5 in the near future from what I heard...perhaps there is a chance...


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besides all that has been said above, we need to be very critical with our documentation: IMO, parts of it are collections of loosely related recipes with poor value, as they cover many old-fashioned corner cases that are useful to nobody.

and I'm not talking cheap: I have updated parts of it over the last months and it feels painful and seems hard to fix.

don't waste your time trying to translate it; instead, help us to fix it.