FWT meeting minutes 2021-11-02


  • Alessandro Pisa
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Maik Derstappen
  • Eric Steele


The FWT team is looking for new members. We already have 4 people that showed interest. New candidates are still welcome.

Before deciding on the new members we discussed how the team could improve its effectiveness.

The goal we identified are:

  • Keeping Plone core a solid and stable platform
  • Developers should not be burnt by changes in the core that break the packages built on top of that
  • We now have the “Plone classic” and Volto that are “consumers” or the Plone core
  • We acknowledge the fact that “Plone classic” for historical reasons is more entangled into the core than it is healthy. We welcome that in the future this can be fixed.
  • We want to prevent wasting resources in building features for both the present flavours of Plone
  • If a new “consumer” comes in it should be welcomed
  • The FWT will have less responsibilities on the “frontend” part on Plone but it will focus its energies on the backend
  • We plan to have less regular meeting but:
    • we will increase the communication on the FWT mailing list
    • we will be more active on GitHub
    • we will still organize online meetings when needed

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in not planned yet, organization will be ongoing in the mailing list


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