FWT Meeting minutes 2021-09-07


  • Alessandro Pisa
  • Franco Pellegrini
  • Maik Derstappen
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Eric Steele
  • Jens Klein

Who is going to write down notes?

  • Ale


  • PLIP 2454: Using Dexterity for Plone Site

    • We agreed that if nothing against it emerges, we will merge the PLIP pull requests on Friday the 10th
  • PLIP 3229: supported Python versions for Plone 6

    • We discussed about adding support to the freshly released Python 3.10 and removing Python 3.7
    • We proposed a joint meeting between Release team and the Framework team to discuss this topic further
  • PLIP 3279: Modern image scales

    • The main unclear point is changing the sizes of the existing scales. If this happen:
      • it should be well documented and advertised
      • we think an upgrade step should not be required
    • Everybody agrees that Plone 6 should come with larger scales, and we identified 3 options:
      1. doing that only for Volto
      2. use conservative scales (i.e. keep the old ones and add new larger scales)
      3. change the scales completely but in this case Timo, who subitted the PLIP, ask for support.
    • We decided to go for option 3: Maik will contact the people who are maintaining Barceloneta LTS to make this possible by adding documentation and whatever it is needed.
  • We evaulated Jens suggestion for a new PLIP to take care of resolving the issue we have now with circular dependencies

Postponed topics

  • Plone 6 Volto Integration

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2021-09-21).


All branches of the dexterity site root PLIP are now merged. Great job!

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11 posts were split to a new topic: Upgrade Plone 6 sites DX-Site-Root

Just to mention: Zope 5 does not yet support Python 3.10. There are at least some known problems in some C code. There is no roadmap, yet.

Thank you @icemac, of course the discussion on the supported Python version must also take into account what Zope supports.

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