Future of Plone CSS

Hey Folks,

Today we are planning what to use in the next major release of Identidade Digital de Governo (IDG), a set of addons and themes used as base of Braziliam Government sites.

And we need to know what tools, pre-processors and post-processors we should adopt in this new release.

Did you talk anything about it in the 2017 conference? Are there any guidance you can share on what we can expect to see being used in Plone in the next 18 months?

Since now thanks!

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the project code is here:

unfortunately, is mostly in Brazilian Portuguese.

There was a lot of interest and traction in using Angular & React front ends with the REST API.

Asko's talk was also very well received: https://2017.ploneconf.org/talks/building-instant-features-with-advanced-plone-themes

I'm collecting the slide URLs now and will be updating the conf site with them.

Plone 5, mockup and Barceloneta will probably remain LESS, but for other than that everyone seem to be using SCSS. LESS will remain as long as we support TTW building and it would be a lot of work to remove that support. I’ve been using SCSS branch of Barceloneta almost for a year, though it is missing some latest fixes from master. SCSS version of Barceloneta will remain unofficial, I believe.

PostCSS with Webpack would be nice, but compiling Plone CSS takes forever already without it :slight_smile:

awesome! SCSS sounds like something pretty interesting and I think even @agnogueira would like it.

@tkimnguyen thanks, but we are asking about CSS tools, not JS frameworks.