Furlowed - need a contractor?

Hey folks.

'Furlowed' is actually wrong. I am essential personnel. I have to show up and, I think I will get back pay (I should follow that bill - I think McConnell brought the backpay bill to the floor, it passed the Senate, and Trump signed it. )

If this is confusing to you, I suggest you watch this: https://youtu.be/tyeJ55o3El0

So, I don't want to leave my killer job, but I do want the community to know that I am officially working 'without pay' right now.

If there are any contracting gigs anyone needs a hand with, reach out to me at flipmcf@gmail.com

I'm a lover of the backend stuff, but I can pretty much accomplish anything inside the Zope / Plone stack.

So, if anyone wants to pay me for a few hours to bang out a quick project, let me know. I'll shoot you a W9

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