Fundraising campaign for new LDAP feature

We are starting a fundraising campaign for 2000€ to cover the development of the LDAP pagination feature in the pas.plugins.ldap add-on.


If you followed the forum threads about LDAP (all threads, specifically this one) you know that we have a good current LDAP plugin that works with Plone 5. It does, however, need a new pagination feature so it can work with truly large scale (60,000+ users, thousands of groups) LDAP databases.

This is in keeping with Plone being an enterprise-scale CMS, and so is a strategically important feature.

Who Will Do the Work, and When
@jensens and Robert Niederreiter have agreed to perform the work, ideally as soon as the week of March 21.

How to Contribute
We will be using the Foundation's PayPal account to collect contributions, then once we hit the 2000€ amount the work can proceed.


Who Should Contribute
We are asking for contributions specifically from Plone companies with large installations and big organizations using Plone (e.g. universities) to contribute.

How Much to Contribute
Please consider a contribution of 250€-500€.

Why Should We Contribute?
Your contribution will ensure Plone's continued support for enterprise-class installations.

Each contributor will receive public thanks and credit in the pas.plugins.ldap README.


How Will We Know We Have Met the Fundraising Goal?
We will update this thread as contributions come in.

On behalf of the entire Plone community, we thank you for your contributions, monetary and non-monetary!


Heartfelt personal and Plone community thanks to @zopyx for his contribution to the cause! Truly a crazy kangaroo!

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I'm very, very pleased to report that we have reached our fundraising goal!

The following contributors have made this possible:

  • Zopyx
  • Six Feet Up
  • Syslab
  • PretaGov
  • Enfold Systems
  • Wildcard Corp

@jensens and Robert Niederreiter: please start your engines :slight_smile:


This are great news! You rock, thanks a lot! Robert and I will start implementing the pagination features for pas.plugins.ldap it asap. Stay tuned!

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Hi @jensens did you have time to work on this pagination feature ?

@jensens has done quite a bit of work on it so far, mostly cleanup of things underneath.

Is there a report out of the current status of this project someplace that I missed?

The work was completed recently! We have not done a report out beyond what @jensens posted above. I am back from my non-Chevy Chase European Vacation so expect a brief write-up/announcement shortly...

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I still need to write some additional documentation, cut releases and announce the whole work done. I'am planning to do this very soon, so expect an update within 5-7 days. I'am also just back from vacation (no-internet, just beach, bbq and familiy), so I need to get back into this first.

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Ok, it is DONE. I just released pas.plugins.ldap in version 1.5 Beta 1.

I'am a bit super-careful here to not release it as final, because I'd like to get some feedback from real-world field tests with many many users (and if there is someone with more than 1000 groups please report too).

Thanks to all funders of this!