Fun with a simple site

In Oshkosh, Wisconsin, an old friend and I are ramping up for a new schools referendum that will be on the ballot on November 3. I created an older site using Plone 3 I think back in 2014 for the first referendum I was a part of, but this site has been up since 2016 for the second referendum.

It's a simple site, as you can see, but it is an effective tool for directing traffic to where a lot of public group activity lies (apologies, mea culpa, it is on Facebook).

Still, the site serves its purpose, which included an announcement for an education workshop in late 2016 that brought state (Wisconsin) politicians to Oshkosh for a discussion about K-12 education.

For fun, I went through Cloudflare settings and ratcheted up the speed optimizations available. The site now loads (according to Safari) in 488 ms, whereas before with just normal Cloudflare in front it took 1.7-1.8 seconds. I also enabled a (free until Sept. 1) Cloudflare Access service so the usual login form is protected (try it :slight_smile:)

The site runs on a "nano" Linode, along with several other sibling sites.