Full Time Front End Volto Developer wanted

RFA wants to position itself for a move to Volto in the coming years. We're getting ahead of the game by opening a position for a seasoned React developer / JavaScript master. You don't have to be a Plone guru.

Having a passion for UX/UI would also be quite helpful.

Once hired, the main task would be to setup a Plone 6 / Volto stack for us and get ready to shift all of RFA over to using it for web publication, then help train us on how to think in more of a react-based way instead of the plone4/5 TAL/BrowserViews way. After that, it's the day-to-day work of keeping up with bugs, implementing new features, and making our web presence better in incremental ways. You may be asked to help with Plone 5 maintenance or development occasionally if needed, but the focus is the future.

We support over 40 Plone users in 'editor' roles, mostly journalists, and we maintain a single code base with 15 individual GS profiles for 14 eastern languages. We run hundreds of Plone instances in production. Our CI is currently down b/c we just upgraded but we're working on getting the Jenkins pipeline back up and running. We make some sausage, like everyone else, but we strive to have an awesome dev/ops team. We collect metrics with Adobe Analytics, but we push back very hard when anyone asks for personally identifiable info. It goes along with the mission to not be evil like that and have very high respect for our readers.

This is not a remote position, and we can't afford a relocation package - sorry. It will be in the Washington DC offices.

We are a US government non-profit org, so the salary won't be extremely competitive, but it certainly won't be insulting. What we lack in money we make up for in extremely good health and retirement benefits, vacation / sick leave, transportation expenses, phone plans, and relaxed work environment. It's not a cut-throat or rat race environment at all. Morale is never low and mental health is respected.

PM me if you have any questions.

The Formal job description is here: Front-End Web Developer — About Radio Free Asia

When applying, if you could kindly mention you found out about the position from the plone community forums, that would be helpful.



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