Ftw.calendar - Install the generic import profile?


i am trying install ftw.calendar - https://pypi.org/project/ftw.calendar/

i cant understand the second step: "Install the generic import profile", what doest it mean? to do some thing at ZMI? and what profile?

  1. [instance] eggs += ftw.calendar

    • Install the generic import profile.

PS: i am finding a plone calendar, which can be displayed as browser view, as a part of frontpage, not as portlet.

Many thanks for your advice.

You should be able to install the add-on in the Plone control panel. Go to http://your-plone-site-url/prefs_install_products_form, and look for an entry like “4teamwork Calendar Plone5 profile”. Next cklick on the “Install” button next to it.