Frontend Issue (Windos)

I am Mayank Sharma currently in 3rd year of my Btech degree.
I am trying to run the Plone backend in docker which is runs perfectly but when I run the frontend(Volto) locally its gives error :
->@plone/volto@npm:16.17.1 couldn't be built successfully.
->myvoltoapp@workspace:. couldn't be built successfully.

basically the logs shows: "command not found: make"

my server compiled successfully but client compiled with some errors.

Hi Mayank, there are quite some posts regarding not being able to set up Plone in windows, please refer to those once and rather try to run Plone in a linux environment. That's how it worked for me.

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Thanks Mohan, will try to run in linux environment.

FYI, there is an open PR that hopefully will give new users more information about using Plone on Windows.

Feedback appreciated.