Friendly reminder: Classic-UI (startup) meeting today at 13.00 CEST on Discord classic-UI voice channel

Community members working on the Classic-UI frontend of Plone have been starting up meetings this summer to create a Classic-UI team in the community.

This team should complement the Volto-Team and have similar purposes, but then for the server side html rendered frontend that has been part of the Plone CMS from the start of the project.

If you are an integrator and use Classic-UI, an in house developer, or otherwise have interested in the Classic-UI frontend, please consider to join. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss improvement, new functionality, and also discuss the roadmap for Classic-UI functionality in next Plone Releases. There is a basic Team page on at Classic UI Team

There will be more meetings to attend, we are aware that the 13.00PM CEST time is not ideal for all community members in other time zones, but we needed to start somewhere.