Framework team meeting minutes 2019-02-13


Chrissy Wainwright
Gil Forcada
Alessandro Pisa
Jens Klein
Eric Steele
Franco Pellegrini
Tim Stollenwerk


Alpine City sprint report, merged PLIPs

  • new releases:
    • Zope 4 beta 9 was released
    • upcoming: Plone 5.2 beta 1 will be released soon
  • merged: Navigation PLIP
    • New, faster (rendering time) navigation with dropdowns built-in
    • at the sprint made sure it's accessible
  • merged: Static resources PLIP
    • moves all JS out of Products.CMFPlone into its own package
    • more modernization (removed Bower, prepped for npm)
    • same for end user, easier for developer
    • reduce JS footprint
  • work on PLIP RedirectionTool into core
    • UI for Redirection management
    • FWT decided its ready for merge
  • removed old portal_css and portal_js
  • improved related items widget - complete overhaul
  • updated ZODB update, to help with Python 2 to Python 3 migration, need more work
  • worked on 14 add-ons total, ported to Python 3
    • pas.plugind.ldap and stack below,
    • Mosaic,
    • Lineage,
    • Imagecropping
    • ...
  • Improved Jenkins and mr.roboto
  • Paul did work to help with Zope and Pylons assimilation
    • also worked on screenshots in documentation using Puppeteer
  • sprinted and lunch at 3000m/ Gaiskogl/ Sölden (007 Spectre movie set).

Want a new 5.2 beta 1 before Plone Tagung, but have a couple things to fix/merge before that

  • new navigation (Alessandro will do last polishing)
  • Jens merged redirection-tool work during the meeting
    • discussion to merge sooner rather than later so a release can get out
  • Eric Steele will release as soon as ready

Timo asked to approve the Beethoven sprint as strategic. To work on Rest API, Volto. Trying to figure out new dates. Deemed as strategic.

Next Meeting

Next FWT meeting is in 3 weeks (2019-03-05, after the Plone Tagung, Munich).

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