Framework team meeting minutes 2018-01-23


Jens Klein
Philip Bauer
Nathan Vangheem
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Alessandro Pisa
Eric Brehault



Guillotina development is going very well. It is heavily used in production, so development cycles are fast and productive. It is already in its version 3.
Performances are excellent.
If Plone community members want to try it, there is a gitter channel, and Nathan and ramon will be happy to help.

Alpine Sprint

Mainly focusing on Python 3 support.
Progress are tracked in this ticket:

Also several hot fixes merging, and 5.1 is now ready.

Good progress on Mosaic.

Jens will post a full report online soon.


Zope 4 issues with plone.restapi PLIP

Johannes fixed the problem, so there is no blocker anymore.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2018-02-13).

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