Framework team meeting minutes 2017-11-28


Johannes Raggam
Jen Klein
Philip Bauer
Alessandro Pisa
Eric Brehault

##Resource registry improvements

Johannes will ask Asko's opinion about the best way to manage webpack.

##Bring back JS and CSS head slots

This PLIP is interesting as it is a small change and can help with compatibility of old packages.
We will ask Hector to complete the PLIP and we will vote.

##Alpine Sprint
The Framework team meeting approved this sprint as strategic.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2017-12-12).

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Continuing the discussion from Future of resource registries under Plone 5 branch:

could you please give more details on what was discussed about the resource registry improvements PLIP?

regarding the head slots PLIP, I need to make some tests to see if it was really removed or not.

About the resource registry improvements PLIP, we said we are not sure about the best approach.

I think TTW compilation makes the entire thing much more complex, so maybe we should drop it.

my 2 cents on this:

  • remove completely the TTW compilation feature as it's not working as expected and it's overkill: we don't need it and we have no resources to maintain it
  • compiled/minimized/generated static resources must be kept out of version control, must be generated at buildout time and must be included on eggs
  • recognize HTTP/2 is widely available and that having a couple of huge JS and CSS files is a bad idea for the protocol and for caching static resources on a site
  • don't force anybody to use your stack to process static resources
  • make the whole thing simpler; make the process easier for everybody

in case of doubt, reread with open mind my original PLIP:

if you want fresh/different ideas on how to use Webpack take a look at: