Framework team meeting minutes 2017-09-19


  • Johannes Raggam
  • Jens Klein
  • Philip Bauer
  • Eric Bréhault

Who is going to write down notes?

Eric Bréhault, Johannes Raggam


Review last meeting deliverables

Skipped that part.


New datetime and date widgets

Replace our date/time input widgets from mockup-pattern-pickadate, based on pickadate.js to Patterns' pat-datetime-picker based on Pikaday
Vote on it!

Static resources restructuring

That needs to be discussed with a broader audience at the conference. This also touches efforts with webpack, etc.

Zope 4 Report by Philip

Discussed recent efforts from Halle Zope 4 Sprint + Philips efforts to port Plone to Zope 4.
Philip wants to organize a Zope 4 and Python 3 porting sprint at the conference.
Some PlonePAS fixes are necessary. Some commits in the Zope 4 branch of CMFPlone need to be reveiwed and recommited (especially those from Maurits, Davi and Matthew).
More info see:

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2017-10-03).Eric is doing the invitations.
Johannes will push the meeting minutes to