Framework team meeting minutes 2016-11-22


Johannes Raggam
Jens Klein
Eric Steele
Gil Forcada
Franco Pellegrini
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Eric Bréhault

###Cleanup and enhance icon and thumb aspects

This PLIP has been approved.

###Bring collective.contentrules.mailtogroup into Plone core
We need explicit permission from all the contributors. Eric will ask them.

###Archetypes support and lifespan

There is only one test failing and is Archetypes related, the FWT decided to remove this test.
The PLIP is already started but had no champion nor reviewer. Eric will be the champion and Jens will make a review

ZODB 4 and 5 support

The FWT decided this issue does not need to be PLIPed as it is not impacting Plone features or implementation.

##Alpine sprint
FWT agreed to make this sprint strategic.

##5.1 release
Are there any PLIPs that are must-haves for 5.1 or can we start moving that into beta/rc stages?
Current PLIPs can wait for the next release. We can launch the 5.1 release process.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-12-06).