Framework team meeting minutes - 2016-03-01


Johannes Raggam
Jens Klein
Eric Steele
Ramon Navarro Bosch
Eric Bréhault


###PLIP meta bundles

=> Merged in 5.0

Assimilate collective.indexing

=> Approved
Note: Ramon would like more information regarding ElasticSearch and will discuss with the proposers.

###Zope 4 / Update Dependencies
=> Approved for Plone 6

Portal actions control panel
Will be merged in 5.1.

###Import/export content

  • Eric B proposes it for GSoC.
  • The serialization/deserialization will be based on plone.restapi.
  • The targeted release is Plone 6, but it might be used in Plone 5 as an addon (just like plone.restapi).
  • Vote is postponed to next meeting.

###Add support for conditionally import registry records
=> Approved for 5.1

###Adding Gloss Theme to Plone Core

  • gloss.xml could be added to the core, as it provides a set of useful Diazo rules that can be used independently from the Gloss theme.
  • Extra theming elements (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc.) could be provided as an addon.
  • Vote is postponed to next meeting.

Plone 5.0.3 will be released soon.
As there are many new feature, the objective is to release Plone 5.1 rapidly.

##Sprints in Berlin and Barcelona

=> both are important, FWT think they should be strategic.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-03-15).


Exciting times ahead!

Thanks for sharing the notes.

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