Framework team meeting minutes - 2016-02-16


Johannes Raggam
Eric Bréhault
Jens Klein
Franco Pellegrini
Philip Bauer (as Board observer)

##Review last meeting deliverables
Nathan: have a look to the existing PLIPs listed in Github => postponed to next meeting
Jens: close old PRs => done

VOTE: PLIP assimilate collective.indexing => we need more time to analyse it. Vote is postponed to next meeting.

VOTE: PLIP Zope 4 / Update Dependencies => the implementation is progressing, vote is postponed to next week.

PLIP Portal actions control panel fully implemented. Should it be merged in 5.0 or 5.1?
As we should stick to semantic versionning, it should be in 5.1 (but we are currently not respecting semantic versionning properly). This PLIP must be merged in Plone 5.1, but we think we should release a 5.1 version really soon. More generally, we should have more flexibility on minor version releasing. discuss with Release team.
=> discuss with Release Team.

PLIP meta bundles => mergeable. Eric B will merge it.

New PLIP Content import/export feature (see also
The PLIP definition is not ready yet (Dylan and Eric B. are still working on it). Eric B. explains the global objective.

PLIP getter/setter for

  • more difficult than it seems, i.e. NamedBlobFile, ClassGen does not fit here. Manual work.
  • Could be implemented as an addon (i.e. using Events) or on initialization.
  • Risky, because methods appear everywhere, may break current addons.

Vote is postponed to next week.

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2016-03-01).