Framework team meeting minutes 2015-12-01


Johannes Raggam
Eric Bréhault
Ramon Navrro Bosch
Eric Steele
Franco Pellegrini


##CSS and JS bundles merging
For now, every add-on bundle is loaded directly in every Plone page, when a portal has a lot of add-on, it produces too many requests.
We cannot just say that HTTP 2 will solve that some day. We need to be able to merge bundles together in an automatic way (of course a manual solution exists: the site maintainer can create his own bundle manually including all the resources needed by the site).
We need a meta-bundle.
We need a PLIP for that.

Eric B. will write the PLIP

#Dedicated JS/CSS resources sprint
We should propose a dedicated sprint for fixing the JS/CSS resources story. There are a lot of valid Use Cases, which we do not support right now or which are supported but not documented. Some Use Cases were submitted via the Github issue tracker by Andreas Jung and others and collected in a document at the JS Training at Ploneconf.
Victor started a list at PloneConf.
It could be a strategic sprint.

Johannes will contact Philip (as Foundation contact) about the JS strategic sprint

##Plone 5.1 branches
We wait until we actually need it to avoid managing 2 branches on each repository.

##PLIP process

Johannes will work on the invitation (Eric will help)

#Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-12-15). Eric B is doing the invitations.
Eric will push the meeting minutes to

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