Framework team meeting minutes 2015-09-29


Johannes Raggam
Roel Bruggink
Eric Bréhault
Jens Klein
Ramon Navarro
Franco Pellegrini

##Plone Conference

  • organize dinner -> ask eau de web folks (Alec, …) for a location at wednesday at about 7pm.
  • invite all former members for dinner. Jens organize the place (need number of participants as well) and writes email to plone dev list,
  • organize standup meeting before dinner (like 6pm) and discuss fwt work.
  • organize a lightning talk (may be Timo) about fwt work.

##Prepare 5.1
It makes sense to prepare 5.1 because work on PLIPs (like portal skins removal) can’t go into a bugfix release.

  • Prepare Infrastructure
  • PLIP status worksheet
  • 5.1 branch for buildout.coredev, Products.CMFPlone
  • Jenkins 5.1 infrastructure
  • github auto-label script update (Jens)
  • Call for PLIPs

Johannes is taking care to get this done.

##Plone mini Roadmap for 5.1
Collect at least 5 topics, which should make it into Plone 5.1. Topics could make good sprint topics. Finding topic could make a good open space discussion.

Possible topics:

  • portal skins removal / clean out (not removing skin functionality)
  • login process/forms refactoring
  • plone json/rest api
  • get rid of patches in Products.PlonePAS, move to originating classes itself
  • drop implicit acquisition, switch to explicit acquisition
  • CMF* deprecations

##Next meeting
At the Plone Conf!!

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