Framework team meeting minutes - 2015-06-23

Johannes Raggam
Jens Klein
Eric Bréhault
Timo Stollenwerk
Roel Bruggink
Eric Steele


  • Review last meeting deliverables
  • Update ourselves about overall state of Plone 5?


Already merged in Plone 5.
Timo will check if it must be done through the PLIP process, if so, we will revert the merge, and vote.

##Reviewing plone.behavior
There are enough votes to accept the PLIP.
Ramon hadn't time to write down a review, Timo will make a review, if no news within 2 weeks, we will merge it.

##Define extra member properties TTW
Eric B made a change in plone.schemaeditor, PR is ready. PR is ready too, tests are passing but still having an isolation issue.
We wait for Ramon and Timo reviews, and we will probably merge it.
Nevertheless we might need help on the test isolation issue.

##Join Plone 5 issues on github issue tracker with milestones
Jens will have a look if we can manage milestones across the entire github plone organization.

##FWT IRC Channel
Eric S. to give op to more people

##Update ourselves about overall state of Plone 5
Launch Team has defined a feature list.

Discussion with Tres about Zope at Japan Symposium:

  • sources are moving to GitHub
  • initiative for ZTK Python 3 compliancy
  • potential sprint in the US in November/December

#Next meeting
Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-07-07). Eric B is doing the invitations.

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