Framework team meeting minutes - 2015-05-26

FWT Meeting Protocol 2015-05-26


  • Ramon Navarro
  • Jens Klein
  • Franco Pellegrini
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Johannes Raggam
  • Eric Bréhault (short 5m status update at the beginning, he had to leave afterwards)



Review last meeting deliverables

  • review social media plip [Johannes, Eric B]
  • review pull request + Write PLIP to get rid of folderlisting
  • update Framework team page on [Eric S]
    done, but needs more editing, question was if really everybody is on the list
  • publish FWT meeting protocol to [Eric B]


Discussion about PLIP process

  • We should start creating new PLIPs on github: Products.CMFPlone issues, label "PLIP"
  • Requirements: Update docs, create issue to move most recent/important PLIPs to github.
  • We need to archive! Old plips should be kept.

PLIP #13350 Define extra member properties TTW

Dexterity API Plip

  • Add to Review list. Done
  • Is nearly finished, minor adjustments and better tests needed.
  • action:
    • finish plone.behavior part for next FWT and merge for 5.0 (Jens)
    • finish plone.dexterity part - may need some extra time, not sure if it can be finished for plone 5.0
  • plone.dexterity: Old Test code makes it difficult to write new tests (Plone MockTestCase). It would much easier, if it would use the mock package, which is also in Python 3 standard lib (unittest.mock) which is available for python 2.7 as an extra package
    Issue created here:

plone.behavior: Ready to merge, missing part is only missing documentation. Basis for future Dexterity API.


  • Ramon is reviewing plone.behavior.

Whats missing in Plone 5:

  • member props ttw - see above?
  • UI/UX testing.
  • UI/UX fixes.

Open Plone 5 issues

Idea: Unify milestone tags on Github/plone. All repos should use the same milestone tags, like 5.1, 4.3.6, etc. Jens has some insight how to automate it. see Our Issue Label Chaos and Pull Request Process

FWT IRC channel : Jens is going to ask permission to Eric S to get op status on the channel and change the subject

Launch team: No action at the moment from FWT side. If launch team needs some kind of input or actions from FWT we expect it to give us actionable tasks. According to the needed lists all information is available already, questions welcome.

Next meeting

Next FWT meeting is in two weeks (2015-06-09). Ramon is doing the invitations.