Fourdigits.seo 1.0 released

Hi all,

We've just released fourdigits.seo 1.0.
It support OpenGraph, Twitter Card, Google Plus for publisher and author data, and several SEO options.

For more details see and

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Quite interesting and it already makes the PLIP 20256 (social media meta tags) completely obsolete.

As I mentioned before, this is the job of an add-on and not something that has to be in the core because is easier to maintain, among other reasons

@jaroel, it would be nice to clean-up the changelog.

Where is the repo?

@hvelarde you're such a troll. :smile:

Wouldn't the proper response be something like, "oh, we should update plone core for anything that was missed!"

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The add-on looks very nice and simply would augment Plone 5 social media capabilities.

That PLIP was meant to provide a decent OOTB experience--not a comprehensive package.

It's not necessary to continue to make jabs on the people who implemented, reviewed it and voted on it.

@vangheem speaking seriously now, I really think that this stuff should be spin off simply because making changes to the core is currently painful and scary for non-hardcore developers.

take for instance the implementation of the NewsML feed that we tried hard to put into the core: the 4.3 branch was merged, the 5.0 was not because some tests were failing on an unrelated package.

I know @tisto, @gforcada, @ramon and others have put a lot of work on this, but things are far from easy.

spinning-off those features will make the development easier.

The fact that features are tested in Plone core IS the selling point in having them in core. You can know they are stable and well tested. With add-ons, you run the risk that they are of poor quality.

Additionally, how do you ever attract new comers. If near releases have no real new features? We're a CMS, not a framework. So let's do CMS-like things OOTB.

You should have that merged. Just have to fix tests. We've all been there fixing broken tests. It happens with lots of merges--not a big deal. Just need to fix. I will also mention, it's very easy to run the whole test-suite against a pull request now with jenkins.

This is off-topic.

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@hvelarde It's on

@jaroel thanks for releasing this - 1 question: does it play nicely with I see there is a MultiLanguageViewlet which seems like it might duplicate hreflang provision?

(In case it's relevant, I'm using on Plone 4.3)

@djowett I don't think it supports; afaik implements MultLanguageViewlet based manually entered references.

I can push fourdigits.seo to the collective, if you are interested? Or you can always fork it :slight_smile:


Hi again @jaroel , I've just got time to try this out, and I'm glad to report that it does seem to play nicely with I just simply choose not to enable the Multi Language behavior.

It's always to see things in github collective, but I don't see an immediate need for changes
(though there's a typo here it should say "login form" not "homepage")

Hi all,

I've moved the fourdigits.seo repo to the collective. It now lives at
@mauritsvanrees What is the global Plone PyPI user again? I'll make it owner.

Ya'll have fun!

He's "collective"