for twitter refugees

May I suggest we all try to reconnect on a social media platform that's friendly to developers? seems like it's made for us.

I already made my "Plone people" list, but it's waiting for more connections!



I’m following a lot of current and former Plonistas there but I haven’t made a list yet… and Mastodon doesn’t make it easy to see whom I’m following if they’re not on the same server ( in my case)

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Also, I have noticed a lot of people do not put any fullname/bio/avatar on their Mastodon account, and it makes more bit difficult to find them back (like "this pseudo looks very much like that is this plonista I used to follow on twitter but I am not 100% sure").

(by the way, my account is

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There is a tool helping to migrate follows from Twitter to any Mastodon server:

Fedifinder looks for @user@host.tld, user@host.tld and host.tld/@user in the name, description, location, url field and pinned Tweet.

If you are on Mastodon as well, and you are using it, please add this information to your Twitter account!

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On, there is the Plone emoji.
Just add :plone: to your toot or profile description,
You can find me there at Érico Andrei :plone: :python: ( - Fosstodon