Form for anonymous users

Plone 4.3.7 (4311) 
CMF 2.2.9
Zope 2.13.23
Python 2.7.8 (default, Nov 26 2014, 13:28:10) [GCC 4.8.2]
PIL 1.1.7

I created a dexterity content type. I need to let anonymous users insert data.
Unfortunately, when an anonymous user click on the link:,
the site presents the login page.
It works fine for autenthicated user.

Opening the add form to the public will quickly blow up your website due to bots trying to advertise third-party websites by creating content with these websites links.

You can register a new form like:


And make sure you add re-captcha and any other security mechanisms in order to avoid bots.

See also: z3c.form library — Plone Documentation v5.2

I actually did this very, very long time ago.
I can not remember exactly how, but I used a captcha widget to prevent bots.
I added 'captcha behaviour' to my content type. I tried to make an add-on for the captcha behavior. There are probably better solutions now, but in case it is of interest, I have some code here: GitHub - espenmn/medialog.captchawidget: Dexterity Capcha Widget for Plone

Nobody has every used 'this functionality' on the site, not even the bots, but I notice it is still there:

(a note if you test, you need to use one of these dates (the 'measuring device' has been on repair a bit: Hva har Gabriel målt? — Gabriel )