Forgot Password! How do i gain access to my site?

We are super new to this. We would like to gain access to our old site, which was apparently created with plone. Can someone help us to gain access to the site? We have installed the basics, nothing developer oriented tho. we got into the site with host:8080, but we dont have the login details anymore. Help!

Update with progress:
So when we try accessing our website through Plone (specifically domainhost:8080/manage), we can't login. Unfortunately I don't know what Zope is though it apparently would allow us to reset the password info / make a new admin user? Since we're a company/organization, i doubt that we're using the 'Zope on your computer' model, but rather the ZEO (whatever this means..). Where is the terminal/root where I can run bin/instance commands and the like?

Thanks for any help on this.


./bin/instance adduser USERNAME PASSWORD

and then log in with your newly created admin user.

It says: No such file or directory..

See the post edited above. Thanks again for the help.

So when you installed the basics you should know the path where you installed it to. Btw, you're not saying anything about your installation, like OS, version of Plone, and how it was installed (manually or using the UnifiedInstaller for example). If you know that you should be successful following the instructions @thet gave you already.

Unfortunately I myself was not around when the person(s) installed it, so I have no way of knowing the earlier details... I've reinstalled it on my OSX Mac though, latest version (as of this morning) and did so via the UnifiedInstaller. I don't know what the path is.

Well your local installation has nothing to do with the Plone site you are running for production and were you need the new login for. Please ask a system administrator to take a look at the server and let her/him run the commands to get you a new login for your Plone site.

The path will probably be 'where the file 'buildout.cfg' is, so something like this:

  1. find buildout.cfg (search for it)
  2. cd /path/you/just found
  3. /bin/instance adduser USERNAME PASSWORD

Some more information can be found here:

Okay yes I think that's the best thing to do as of now.

@espenmn I tried all this and still got a 'No such file or directory' error. Unfortunately I think it's as @tmassman explained; the place where I can run those commands won't be on this computer but rather on a server somewhere, or wherever we built the site/server (?).

Is there anywhere I can easily recruit a (preferably pro bono, we're a non-profit..) sys admin? Any advice is helpful.

Thanks again so much for all the help you've provided us with so far.