For getting started as a contributor in plone

Hi ,
I am Rupesh and I have some experience in HTML5,CSS3,JS,Node.js, Express.js, Mysql, MongoDB ,Bootstrap3,git .
I want to start contributing to open source keeping GSoC 2019 in mind .So I have choosen plone community but I dont know ,how to start contributing to plone .So anybody can please guide me to get started as a contributor in Plone community. If there is any new thing that I should learn to contribute ,please share I am ready to learn.

Hi Rupesh! Welcome, and thanks for your interest in contributing to Plone!

Have a look at to get started, and let us know if you need anything else.

thanks @tkimnguyen for reply ,Can you please tell me the projects name which is based on HTML,CSS,JS,Node.js,Bootstrap,mysql,mongodb ,c,c++. so that I can start contributing ??

@Rupeshiya Please Check out

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thanks @nileshgulia1 ,Is there any slack channel where I can ask my doubts for plone ?

You can ask technical question here itself, just open a new discussion for it, Or simply open it in the concerned github repo.