Fontello font, icons for P5 toolbar

The toolbar seems to use the Fontello font for the toolbar icons.

Which of the chars of the Fontello font

can be used inside Plone?

How can I figure out the unicode code point for a particular icon that I would like to use?

(I know that they are attached to the related toolbar element using CSS).


Barceloneta has a demo page for the fontello fonts, so I assume those are the fonts.
The unicodes are included.

(You could install the font in any font manager and get the unicodes)

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I downloaded the font form; decode base64; wrote to woff file and loaded the file into FontForge...

'Save name list of font' gives:

0xE800 user
0xE801 folderContents
0xE802 edit
0xE803 logout
0xE804 local_roles
0xE805 history
0xE806 link
0xE807 view
0xE808 collection
0xE809 event
0xE80A plone-contentmenu-factories
0xE80B contentInfo
0xE80C plone-contentmenu-workflow
0xE80D moreOptions
0xE80E document
0xE80F news
0xE810 image
0xE811 file
0xE812 addon
0xE813 datetime
0xE814 caching
0xE815 markup
0xE816 editing
0xE817 errors
0xE818 imageHandling
0xE819 filtering
0xE81A language
0xE81B dexterityTypes
0xE81C mail
0xE81D maintenance
0xE81E navigation
0xE81F search
0xE820 security
0xE821 theming
0xE822 rss
0xE823 siteSettings
0xE824 userGroups
0xE825 zope
0xE826 types
0xE827 syndication
0xE828 contentrules
0xE829 lock
0xE82A plone-contentmenu-actions
0xE82B plone-contentmenu-portletmanager
0xE82C plone-contentmenu-display
0xE82D calendar-empty
0xE82E controlpanel-plone_app_caching
0xE82F controlpanel-plone_app_registry
0xE830 controlpanel-dexterity-types
0xE831 controlpanel-discussion
0xE832 controlpanel-ImagingSettings
0xE833 controlpanel-plone_app_theming
0xE834 controlpanel-QuickInstaller
0xE835 controlpanel-DateAndTime
0xE836 controlpanel-LanguageSettings
0xE837 controlpanel-MailHost
0xE838 controlpanel-NavigationSettings
0xE839 controlpanel-PloneReconfig
0xE83A controlpanel-SearchSettings
0xE83B controlpanel-socialmedia
0xE83C controlpanel-syndication
0xE83D controlpanel-ContentRules
0xE83E controlpanel-EditingSettings
0xE83F controlpanel-MarkupSettings
0xE840 controlpanel-tinymce
0xE841 controlpanel-TypesSettings
0xE842 controlpanel-UsersGroups
0xE843 controlpanel-errorLog
0xE844 controlpanel-FilterSettings
0xE845 controlpanel-SecuritySettings
0xE846 controlpanel-resourceregistries
0xE847 emptyset
0xE848 controlpanel-ZMI
0xE849 controlpanel-Maintenance
0xE84A up
0xE84B down

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