Folder upload as an url?

Is it possible to provide an URL (to a customer / user) for uploading images (or files).

So instead of explaing:

  1. Go to http://site/imagefolder/folder_contens 2) Click on 'upload button'


  1. Go to http://site/imagefolder/some-upload-url

Use collective.easyform for providing a simple add/upload form and use a script adapter for generating the content.

You can use ++add++Image or /++add++File to get to an upload form. ie or

Yes, but that is for a single image / file

There's no multi-file upload thing

I had something inspired by this:


from import FileUploadView

Unluckily I am not able to share the code.

By something I guess due mean a browser view that imported FileUploadView in and added the html from the upload pattern ?

The view template contained the dropzone (inspired by mockup) and the view class was overriding the FileUploadView.
Basically it was replicating 100% what you can do from the folder contents dropzone, but instead of uploading the files in a popup we just setup a dropzone in the middle of a page.
IIRC this was not super hard to do.