Focus Talks Accessibility

The CMS Garden is organizing an event "Focus Talks Accessibility" where people from different Open Source CMS and others will exchange ideas and try to improve accessibility for web sites.

The idea is to have not only developers but also important people from all over the world to have a wider view and better ideas of the topic.

It will be an online event and the main language will be english.

The date will be probably around june/july 2021.

Can we identify one or more people in our community who could participiate?

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We (kitconcept and Plone) participate in the we4authors cluster project to improve the accessibility of Plone 6 (Volto):

We would be happy to join and I am sure some other partners (other CMSes, TinyMCE, etc.) could be open to joining as well. Do you have a link or pointer for me? We will have a cluster meeting tomorrow where I can bring this up.

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@tisto please join the group the accesibility chat.
Infos how to create an account and to join, here:
For anybody else how is interested in the topic, you are more than welcome to join.
They speak somethimes german inthe channel but english is fine and prefered :wink: