Fix Directory Path Handling in Makefile for Compatibility

Issue Description: When executing the 'make develop' command in the provided MakeFile, the following error occurs:

bash: line 1: [: /home/veenu/Desktop/Gsoc: binary operator expected
bash: line 2: [: /home/veenu/Desktop/Gsoc: binary operator expected

Reason for this issue:
This issue arises due to the use of $(shell basename $(pwd)) to extract the last component of the current working directory path. If the directory path contains spaces, the extraction process may result in unexpected behavior, causing errors when using the extracted value in subsequent commands.

1. Suggested Change:
Update the assigment of the DIR variable to directly use $(shell pwd):
Currently It looks like this
DIR=$(shell basename $$(pwd))

2. Quote $(DIR) in commands:
Ensure proper quoting when using the $(DIR) variable in commands to handle directory paths with spaces
Replace :
if [ ! -f $$(pwd)/jsconfig.json ]; then npx -p mrs-developer missdev --output=addons --fetch-https; fi
if [ ! -f "$$(pwd)/jsconfig.json" ]; then npx -p mrs-developer missdev --output=addons --fetch-https; fi

Now, for this beginner issue, I seek your guidance on how I can contribute to implementing these changes and make them available for the Git repository.