Firebase for managing Diazo theme resources

On a recent project I deployed my Diazo resources to Firebase hosting, I'm still ironing out the perfect workflow.
In my rules file I then have something like this:

<theme href="" />

And I ensure that is configured to read from the network.

Having my theme resources managed by Firebase allows me to further decouple the design work from the Plone dev work.
I plan to refine my workflow a bit more, it should be possible to push the theme to git and then have a CI task do the Firebase deploy. Other things that might be good would be bench-marking to see if there is impact on site performance. The one site that I've used this approach on feels faster (but it also coincides with upgrading to Plone 5 so I can't say at this point).

Anyone using a similar approach?

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Not yet using it in production, but I am working on a way to have my theme resources coming from a CDN to speed up things and being able to do updates easier if multiple sites use the same theme. Most of my themes are uploaded as zip file. The only thing I still don't know how to best handle is access rights. Background: a customer licenses a theme for a website (, gets the theme as zip and has the permission to install it on the specified website and localhost for testing. The theme resources should not be allowed to be loaded when accessed from another website (