Final call for pull request review of coredev.buildout docs migration


This is the final call to give your feedback and opinions on the migration of coredev.buildout docs from Plone 5 to Plone 6. I plan to merge this PR by the end of this coming weekend.

These docs cover the topics of:

  • how to contribute to Plone 6 core, excluding Volto because it was already documented
  • how to set up your environment for core and add-on development
  • how to submit and review Plone Improvement Processes (PLIPs)
  • essential continuous integration practices
  • write documentation
  • mr.developer
  • architecture of Plone
  • Plone's release process.

Pull request:

Contribute to Plone 6 core

These docs had been neglected for several years, and many people so far have contributed to its revision. Thanks to @polyester to get the ball rolling at Buschenschanksprint, @thet for holding my hand through the buildout set up, and the helpful feedback from @petschki, @MrTango, @davisagli, @vincentfretin (we'll lure you back to Plone!) and @erral.