Filterable grid or portfolio to display products (no e-commerce)

I would like to display (hundreds of) products on my site but have no need for e-commerce (cart, prices, users, etc.).

I'd like a 3 column filterable grid that would show the product main image and the product name, and need to give visitors the ability to filter by one category and multiple tags with the option to turn filters on and off as needs.

What would be the foundation for something like this? Would I create a Collection? If so, would my products simply be Pages in the Collection? Would categories be Folders?

Have a look at Faceted Navigation: -

..which will get you 90% of the way there. That will give you the presentation and dynamic searching that you want.

For categorisation, you can simply use Plone's existing tagging mechanism, or for a more formal approach (specifically, if you need a hierarchy) you can use with Faceted Nav with taxonomies: -

Dexterity with Searchable Text and Taxonomies and Faceted Navigation are a very, very powerful combination - well worth exploring.

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Faceted Navigation is awesome, but I also recommend looking at collective.isotope. In many cases, that's all you really need, and the outcome looks just great.

Jazkarta developed it for their own site:

I have used it in several projects, and heavily customized it. I can help with this if you need more info.

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Thanks for the info @glimmung -- I will take a closer look at that.

Hi @fulv, the collective.isotope page says "do not to use it in production". I also noticed it has not been updated in quite some time. Are you sure this is ok to use?

I'm using it in production in a few different sites, and have no problem at all. I know others do too.

As for its update history, 1) it's not a very large package, so it will not have a lot of churn, and 2) yes, there are two long outstanding pull requests, so I'm guessing since it's in the collective I'm sure the original authors won't mind others stepping in.