Filing an issue

I'm looking over Airflow docs and I see this nice button on each page (bottom right corner) that makes it easy to file an issue. Would be nice to have something like that in our docs, our training docs, and generally.

Way ahead of you. :wink:

It is a feature of the sphinx_book_theme. Specific configuration: training/ at main · plone/training · GitHub


Darn you! I was lazy and did not check first … this one time

I do think that we should make it easier and way more obvious how to file a bug with our software… the link in the footer is not visible

I like the way strapi builds community engagement right into the control panel of the product itself.
I thought I saw a feedback button there before but I might have misremembered.

Makes more sense in the control panel rather than as example content where plone puts some of that now. Assuming of course it's easy to customise by integrators.

Yeah that's not as easy to lose if you change the default content or theme.

OTOH it's available only to site admins, not regular editors.

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