File upload to Plone using Http Client

We can create new file by going to this link "Add new -> File" and then "Save". How can we save the file using Http Client from Java. Can anybody please help me on that?

Come on. At least try before asking.
Please read this:

There is no solution like that. Not even related something. Using apache HttpClient I want to upload file. It's not happening. Give some proper link. I didn't find any helpful link.

I like the wildcard.foldercontents add-on - it lets you upload many files simultaneously via drag & drop.

@tkimnguyen This is not what we want. We want to develop one java web project from where we can upload files to plone installed in a host. Normal user can't even know where we are storing their data. The will access normal jsp pages. They will provide and get data in jsp pages and we will get their data. After that in back end we will upload that files and all to plone. We will retrieve also. Hope you all got my point. So, how can we use all those add-ons?

@suvendu you can POST the files to Plone via HTTP, or enable the DAV or FTP servers and upload via those protocols. But the best may be to setup an import pipeline. To import from the filesystem, look at transmogrify.filesystem. To execute pipelines from the commandline, look at mr.migrator. So your JSP frontend could drop files in an incoming directory from where they are imported to Plone as they show up or from time to time.