Facebook page for Plone

Does anyone know who the admins are of facebook.com/plone ? We (the marketing/comms team and the board) would like to get admin access.

No one knows who might be the owners or admins of the facebook.com/plone page?

Probably, since Plone is a registered trademark, you can officially ask Facebook to head it over to the foundation? It may result in some paperwork but if there's nobody with an login...

Yes, that will be my last resort - thx

Ugh I finally found the trademark violation form, and started to fill it out, but am going to hold off. SOMEONE posted the 2014 and 2015 conference announcements, so it's only in the last year or so...

@tkimnguyen yes, I think that can be sorted out without the help of facebook.

https://www.facebook.com/Plone/info?tab=page_info is in Portuguese and I bet it comes from the Brasilian Plone community.

Maybe @hvelarde knows more?

I was checking to it yesterday but I have no idea who maintains it; I'm going to ask on the Brazilian forum to see if somebody answers.

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