Exporting i18n files to cvs/excel format


I want to contribute the translation of Plone in few languages
andsend it to professional company to do the translation.

In order to do this I must export the files to format that the translation format
can work with

Like in excel or table in google doc and than to bring it back to Plone.

any idea how to do this?

thank you!

Any reason why they can not just edit the po files directly ? with for example:
po editor, https://poedit.net

I've used https://pypi.python.org/pypi/poxls/ in client projects successfully, but if you want to contribute to Plone, familiarize with .po files, it's quite trivial :wink:

https://poedit.net also helps

I believe you can do it online: https://www.transifex.com/plone/plone/

@macagua, would this be suitable for @oferw's needs?

I thought the Plone project on Transifex was just a try-out and is outdated. A colleague used it last year for Dutch Plone translations and we had trouble merging a download of his translations, because lots had changed in plone.app.locales since the last time it was updated on Transifex.
But I would love to be wrong.