Exporting AT Smart Folder into Dexterity Collection?

Has anyone successfully migrated Archetypes Smart Folders (Topics) into Dexterity Collections?

I need to ask before I blaze a trail. I'm sure someone has done it before, but I can't get anything from google.

I'm exporting using collective.jsonify from a plone4 Archetypes system
I'm importing with transmogrifier into a plone 5.2

The migration from AT-Topics to DX-Collections is included in the default migration in plone.app.contenttypes. See https://github.com/plone/plone.app.contenttypes#migrating-topics

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Thanks @pbauer . Just to be clear, I have two installations - an AT Plone4 that's highly customized, and a shiny new DX Plone 5.2 on python3 that needs to have content imported into it.

If I understand correctly, you are recommending:

  1. Install plone.app.contentypes on my Plone 4 installation
  2. use /@@atct_migrator or similar to migrate AT-Topics to DX-Collections on the Plone 4 installation
  3. jsonify the Plone 4 DX-collections and import into new plone 5 installation

I can't create AT types in plone5 - python3

I would love this to be part of transmogrify.dexterity - that's what I was thinking of.

See also this thread

Our code mentioned there uses the collective.jsonify output with a custom importer (which is not based on transmogrifier). It contains custom migrators for FormFolder and Topics. The topic migration code is very well tested for the University Ghent migration where we process about 200 collections (Plone 4.3 to 5.2). The ZIP archive from the thread above is not completely up-to-date. Ping me if you need the most current version.

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Thanks guys. I wasn't able to use either solution out of the box, but both taught me how to do the import.

I have a pattern now for importing ATTopics to Collections via collective.jsonify and transmogrifier. it's the CollectionConstructor blueprint in the src linked below. Not all criterion are implemented, but enough to get someone else moving along.

The idea is

  1. ATTopics are mapped to Collections - when a SmartFolder/Topic is encountered in the json source, a Collection is created. Title and description are copied.
  2. For each child of the ATTopic encountered by transmogrifier, - it's a criterion that is added to it's parent Collection.

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