Export/Import of content for translation?

Hi! I am new to Plone and would like to know if there is a way to export authored content from a website into XML / JSON / XLSX for external translation and then import the translated file back into Plone. Many thanks, Daniel

With package plone.restapi installed, it's possible to script export of content as JSON, translate manually and script uploading of new content.

Unfortunately, if you use Plone multilingual support add-on, scripting linking of translation has not been released yet in plone.restapi https://github.com/plone/plone.restapi/pull/267

Plone.app.multilingual is the primary tool for managing translations inside Plone. Which external translation workflow do you have in mind?


We have done this on a couple of sites. We export the content as XML (to a simple version of the DITA architecture) and give it to a translation company who use a structured translation phrase-memory system. They send it back in x languages and we import to the site, creating new language versions or updating existing translations as needed.

This sounded daunting when we set out but it turned out to be fairly straightforward.

There is a method to walk through named content 'trees', extracting fields and attributes and writing the XML.

At the other side of translation we submit each language-specific xml file to a view which writes the content to Zope/Plone.

Check slc.xliff to export and import content in XLIFF format. XLIFF is an standard XML format to handle translations.