Export Files with Metadata

I need to export files stored in Plone, including the metadata which was assigned to them, for them to be used in a separate CMS. Can anyone recommend a technique or program to achieve this?

I was using Enfold Desktop to access the Plone file system to attempt to export the files, but the volume of metadata is too large to consider manually migrating it.

Here is some example code for getting an idea how to access Plone content for the purpose of an migration export.

Possibly you can do the same using Transmogrifier...or you write a custom script using plone.api yourself (perform a catalog search for 'File', get hold of the related File object and use the Archetypes field API for getting hold of binary data and metadata (my script is doing the same).


Have you had a look at https://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.jsonify?
With that, you get a JSON representation of each content object with all the metadata.

Thanks for the tip - I'm very new to Plone; any chance you can tell me where I should place this code and how I can invoke it to run on the Plone implementation?

Thanks, I'm trying this out. I'll let you know how I get on. I need to migrate all the content to SharePoint, so I will need to design some sort of script which parses this JSON representation of these files into SharePoint friendly format. Do you know of any scripts which can be used for this purpose?

may help you to interact with Sharepoint over the broken-by-design SOAP API.


Also check out the Sharepoint REST API