Export files from my ZODB

How can I export the file i've been uploaded in my plone site?, i mean like some PDF, pictures and other uploaded files.


I suggest finding a WebDAV client and pointing it at your Plone site's address, and copying your content that way.

Some links to docs:

You likely should indicate what operating platform you are on (server, and your PC), which would help us direct you at the best option(s) available.


Thanks for your answer, i use fedora on my server, and ubuntu on my PC, all i want is to copy all the files i've upload on the plone, like make one file of all the data.

@aaguero88 The ZODB is a tree based hierachical storage system, actually a very old NoSQL object database. It itself is more a protocol to store data as Python pickles in a defined backend, like a filestorage is just one large sequential file.

So if you want to get data out of an ZODB you need to query the database and process that data. Plone is an interface and management system above this storage protocol.

What your question sounds like, is just make me a zip bundle of all content. As the ZODB is no relational Database that is not an easy task. Plone add-ons like https://github.com/collective/plone.importexport could do something like that. but I am not sure if that fits your needs.

So please provide more details what and probably also why you want to archive what.

For export of previously uploaded files, consider trying a DAV client like cadaver to connect to your Plone site. This should be a reasonable way to get the files themselves, but not any additional metadata you may have stored about those files in the ZODB.


If it is a one-off job, you could try accessing the blobs directly.

Read up on it on https://www.fourdigits.nl/blog/converting-plone-data-to-django/ . Once you get to the File or Image objects, you can copy it using the method I outlined in the "Exporting blobs" paragraph.

I'm not sure I understand why you need to look beyond the normal Plone UI for saving a PDF you're placed on your site. e.g. if I made a PDF available at mysite.com/contract.pdf/view I can download it with a browser or wget with mysite.com/contract.pdf