Excluding strings from translation files

How does one exclude certain strings from getting included in translations source files. In the example below, I would like to translate 'title' but not 'value.

                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM1'), title=_(u'first-order administrative division')),
                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM1H'), title=_(u'historical first-order administrative division')),
                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM2'), title=_(u'second-order administrative division')),
                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM2H'), title=_(u'historical second-order administrative division')),
                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM3'), title=_(u'third-order administrative division')),
                SimpleTerm(value=_(u'A.ADM3H'), title=_(u'historical third-order administrative division')),

The _ is the "message id factory"; it marks its first argument as a message id which should get translated. If you do not want a translation, you do not mark it.

Thank you @dieter

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