Events missing when navigate to past events

Hello everyone,
Question about events in Plone 5. I updated from Plone 4.3.1 in which events were displayed OK, no future events but when I click on past events, all past events were visible. After upgrade in Plone 5, when I navigate to events, I see there are no future events (that is OK), in Contents I see all past events. But if I, from events page, click on Past Events, no events are displayed, also in contents of that page there is nothing. How can I make my events display in page when clicked on Past events? I tried basic copy and paste of content from Events to Past events but I get error message:
Insertion of objects failed: Unauthorized subobject of type "Event"

this also looks as a bug; please use the Plone's issue tracker instead.

"Past" and "Future" events should be 'smart views' (collections).

So, 'past events' should show all events 'where date is before today' that are in your site (no matter where they are (saved) in your site, and 'future events' should list all events that has a date in the future.

(unless you have customized something).

a) When you upgraded, your past events are not published

b) You need to 'add a new events folder' since something got messed up.

You could try:

  1. Rename your events folder (from zmi http://path/to/site/manage_main )
  2. Add a new plone site
  3. Copy the events folder from zmi http://path/to/other_site/manage_main
  4. Paste it in you site

All events in events folder have status published . Only difference I noticed comparing Plone demo site and my site, when going in contents of events I go in Events folder while when in Past events page contents navigate to ...Events\Events\Past Events and that folder is empty. While in demo site Contents always navigate to Events folder for both cases, Events and Past events. I have Plone 5.0.1