Event for Plone Site created?

I have a package that creates a heavily customized Plone environment and I am trying to make it easy to onboard devs/designers who will be working on it. I want them to have a working site as a starting point, without having to teach them about zc.buildout or even some Plone specific options - I want this package to set all that up for them. I'm part way there: I have a buildout.cfg and make file that sets everything up and even does some Pycharm configuration setup, so the user has a process ready to start. What I want to do from here is guide the user a bit after creating a Plone site

I was hoping there would be some kind of event that fired once a IPloneSiteRoot object was created so I could set the front page to a form with some config options, or something like that, but as far as I can tell there is no appropriate event. Another route would be collective.recipe.plonesite but this is a nonstarter with Windows and Plone 5.2 (wsgi) - a part [instance] doesn't actually create a binary of that name, it creates runwsgi.exe. Any other possible approaches? Right now the easiest seems to be to just have them create a Plone Site as usual, install the package, and have that direct them to a config form.

There is a zope event zope.lifecycleevent.IObjectCreatedEvent, it should be called if a plone site is added. this event should be triggered for all zopeish objects.

True, I should add that I tried this but the problem is that this triggers right here Products.CMFPlone/factory.py at 5.2.8 · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub. Most of the work of creating a Plone Site object is actually done in the profiles afterwards. Maybe what I want is a handler for a Products.GenericSetup.interfaces.IProfileImportedEvent and check if the profile_id is the base Plone profile

We have to do something like you and we use collective.big.bang (GitHub - collective/collective.big.bang)
This package create a Plone site when an instance started and trigger an event after that.