Error while pushing some changes to documentation/submodule(@volto)

I'm currently encountering an issue while attempting to push my commits for an issue in documentation. The error message states.
remote: Permission to plone/volto.git denied to MostafaMagdyy
while i am in this step

@Contributing to documentation
Despite having signed the Plone Contributor Agreement, I created an access token for authentication, which has been pending admin approval for the past two days.

Should I contribute directly to the volto/plone repository, or should I follow the guidelines outlined in the section for external packages in Contributing to documentation ?

When I follow the instructions for external packages, I encounter the issue mentioned above.

Could you provide guidance on the correct procedure or any additional steps I should take? Thank you.

See Set up your environment.

I don't know your GitHub username, so I can't verify any details. In general, those who get assigned to the Contributors Team do not have permission to write to repositories under the Plone GitHub organization, and instead must open a pull request from their fork on GitHub.

Thank you for your response. I understand the section on setting up my environment guide well. I indeed forked the plone/documentation repository and made changes to the file related to the issue. However, according to the Contributing to documentation guide, it instructs me to change to the submodule (volto) directory, which is another repository inside the documentation repository, and commit my changes there.

Given that I am not the owner of the plone/volto repository, and it is set as the origin, I don't have write access to this repository. I haven't forked plone/volto. Instead, I forked plone/documentation.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

For volto documentation, you would need to clone the volto repository, and then make a pull request from your fork.

That is an option, but not the one we recommend, because Volto documentation depends on cross-references to the main documentation.

Both instructions are correct. You can use the Set up your environment instructions to configure the volto submodule's remote origin repository.

For Contributors Team members, you must configure your local volto repository's remote origin to your GitHub fork, not plone/volto, and push to that. Then you make the pull request from your GitHub fork.